Short Term Missions

In December 2018, the Fairplain Church sent 15 short term missionaries to the country of Guatemala. We worked with community education and development in cooperation of Vida Sana and a local retired pastor serving the Mayan tribes.


Our 2018 tasks:

  • Funded a hydrotherapy room be built on the local clinic
  • Provided a health expo with free dental clinic.
  • Provided a VBS program for local children
  • During the VBS, provided a Mothers Health program for around 30 mothers who came
  • Presented evening sermons to three area churches.
  • Built a cooking stove in a Mayan home replacing a three stone fire pit in the center of their one-room home.


We would like to continue ministering to this community, and supporting the local workers there in Guatemala, and offering community development ideas and opportunities.


Would you like to join us? We hope to go back again soon!



Prayer Needs:


  • Pray for Pastor Rudy to expand the reach of the Three Angels Message in his area.
  • Pray for these Mayan communities that they could have a church, rather than meet under a tree.
  • Pray for workers who could go help build cooking stoves for families.
  • Pray that we could advance down the road and assist the 100+ communities that still need to hear of Jesus.