2023 Made to Move 5K


Join us Sunday, September 17th as we join runners around the North American Division for a "virtual" 5K run/walk event!

"But I'm not a runner! Is this for me?" We're glad you asked! Did you know many 5k training programs are only 6-9 weeks long? Here are two encouraging articles on how you can go from the couch to running a 5K in just seven or even six weeks! Even if you walk a portion or all of the race, as long as you are moving more than you normally do, you are accomplishing something good for your health! Here's a Physical Activity Readiness survey to help you determine if it'd be best for you to talk with your doctor before training.

If you still aren't feeling up for running or walking, you're welcome to join us as either volunteers or in cheering on your church family!

Location & Time


We are planning to host our run at the lovely Riverview Park in St. Joseph. 

10:40am Check-In Time

11:00am 5K Start Time

12:15pm Completion Recognition & Closing Remarks

12:30pm Potluck Lunch