Revival Plan: The Elijah Solution

Revival Plan: The Elijah Solution by Pastor Rich Constantinescu

God's church is in a crisis and God has provided a Divine solution. Learn how Jesus is knocking on Laodicea's through Testimonies for the church; learn effective methods of prayer and Bible memorization; how to affect revival in God's church.

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March 13:

11am: Elijah and Laodicea - People of the Judgement
3pm: The Heart of Elijah - Scripture Memorization Part 1
4pm: Elijah at Armageddon - Pioneer Prayer Part 1

March 14 -   6:30pm: The Heart of Elijah - Scripture Memorization Part 2

March 15 -   6:30pm: Elijah at Armegeddon - Pioneer Prayer Part 2

March 16 -    6:30pm: New Age Hippie to Gospel Worker

March 17 -  6:30pm: Elijah and Modern Revivals - The Old Paths


About Pastor Rich Constantinescu

Pastor Constantinescu is an ordained minister in the SDA Church. His is founder/president of Revival Plan Association. He has pastored in Michigan and Oklahoma conferences and serves as a member of the General Conference Revival and Reformation Committee. He also serves as Director of Spiritual Care for Your Best Pathway to Health, and adjunct professor and chaplain at Weimar Institute. He and his wife Cathy are blessed with four children.