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Revival Now! Week of Prayer
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Revival Now! Week of Prayer

The week of prayer was such a blessing for our church. Dan Augsburger and his wife Rose came to share with us. They had prepared some thought provoking booklets on revival and prayer. Dan presented ten messages that challenged us to walk closer with Jesus.

To start every meeting we would go up to the front of the church and pray together in united prayer. Julia and a few others would lead out as we praised God, confessed, made requests and thanked Him. This format is described in the booklet Praying for Rain. Several families have even started using this in their families.

This Sabbath in church was the high point and culmination of the week. Nearly everyone came up to the front of the church and prayed together. There were a lot more people than during the week, but we managed to fit. With all the people there were very few quiet moments. I’m sure we could have kept going for some time, but the young ones would have worn out.

The week was such a blessing. If you missed some of the meetings Dan has graciously made recordings and the booklet available. We are linking them here to make them easy to access. If you would like to obtain other resources or learn more about the Augsburgers, their website is path2prayer.com

Revival Now

“The descent of the Holy Spirit upon the church is looked forward to, as in the future; but it is the privilege of the church to have it now. Seek for it, pray for it, believe for it. We must have it, and Heaven is waiting to bestow it.”-Letter 15, 1892, pp. 8-10. (To Elder S.N. Haskell, June 25, 1892.) – {5MR 335.1}

Study Guide

(Wed) First Night: Our Need of Revival

(Thu) Second Night: Pursuing Revival

(Fri) Third Night: What’s to Confess?

(Sab) Fourth Night: Making Things Right

(Sun) Fifth Night: Repentance is More Than Feeling Sorry

Companion Resources for “Repentance is More Than Feeling Sorry”

Honoring God on the Sabbath (Document shared in “Repentance” presentation) Read the full article Download pdf

God Has A Controversy With His People (Document shared in “Repentance” presentation) Read the full article Download pdf

More Information on the Sabbath

Meade MacGuire: “In Christ” (Document shared in “Choosing Emptying” presentation) Read Full Article

Meade MacGuire: The Life of Victory (Book recommended during the Revival Now! series) Downloadable PDF

(Mon) Sixth Night: Reveling in God’s Mercy

(Tue) Seventh Night: Taking Up the Cross

(Wed) Eighth Night: Choosing Emptying to be Filled

(Thu) Ninth Night: Staying in the Fire

(Fri) Tenth Night: Adopting Christ’s Lifestyle

(Sab) Eleven: Making Sure Your Prayers are Heard

Companion Resources for “Getting Answers”

Getting Answers Handout Downloadable PDF

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