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The Fruitful Fig Tree

~ by Dan Augsberger

One of the things I love to do when traveling is witnessing. I've had some of the most wonderful conversations with people about Jesus and the Christian religion when I've been seated next to people on airplanes and in airports. That wasn't always true.

There was a time when I wanted to witness but I didn't know how. As a result, I sat tongue-tied and frustrated. As a result, I chose to study and learn what I could, and came to learn some important secrets that have been most helpful. In the presentations that follow my wife Rose and I share some of those secrets in a multi-segment series on witnessing.

In the first segment I talk about God's call to witness and the many excuses we hide behind for not witnessing. In the next segment, Rose will share what she learned about the holy hard work of witnessing in her years as a Bible Worker. In later segments we will share more practical secrets on witnessing, preparing to witness, and adopting the witnessing lifestyle. 

Sermon from April 12, 2014, The Fruitful Fig Tree
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Come and here "Enter His Joy" by Rose Augsberger, this Sabbath April 19, 2014

From Slave to Slave

~ by Jay Clough

Have you ever wondered why me? Or, perhaps the question came in the form of, “If there is a loving GOD then why does He allow this to happen to me?” These are questions that are often asked, and most certainly could have been asked by Annie.

Annie has a remarkable story. It all started while she was being born. During her birth Annie’s mother had some complications and died as a result. As if never meeting your mom isn’t bad enough, her family that raised her blamed her for her mother’s death and forced her to be the family slave. From the ages of 6-11 years old Annie was forced to work long hours out in the fields of her families’ cotton fields picking cotton, where she would usually only receive one small meal a day. You can imagine the pain that Annie felt as she labored in the hot sun wondering if life would be better if only her mother would have survived.

When Annie turned 11 years old her long awaited deliverer finally came. Her sister who lived in Chicago came to take Annie to live with her in Chicago. There was just one small problem with this sister, she made Annie live by her rules and that meant that Annie would now have to go to church every Sunday. You can imagine that after the upbringing Annie had she did not want anything to do with GOD, so church was just not something that she had any interest in. Can you blame her? How would you feel?

Eventually, Annie made decisions that seemed to lead from one disaster to the next. She ran away from Chicago to Milwaukee, Wisconsin, where penniless and starving she finally decided to come back home to Chicago. This however would lead to her to marry an abusive husband who treated her badly and even broke her ribs once. After she finally got the courage to leave him, she quickly found herself married to a man that was even more abusive. Life was hard for Annie. You can see that her example of GOD was not the best to put it extremely mild.

So is GOD powerful enough to show Annie how much He loves her? Will GOD succeed in leading Annie to repentance, or is she destined to a life of emptiness full of no purpose? Moreover, what avenue will GOD use to reach a woman that has seen the worst that life has to offer? Listen to her testimony to find out all the answers!

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